Climaxing takes years

(Original blog post by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from, translation by Nicholas Frickelton)


When working with architecture and design it can take years for projects to come to fruition. It can often feel like running in place without making any progress. There are many obstacles on the way to the final goal including, but not limited to, authorities, entrepreneurs, builders, producers, factories, ships, prices and shops. Then suddenly one day the idea becomes reality; the fruit is ready. This is our reality, yet currently this climax is overshadowed by another.

For us this means convention time. Specifically this means our new products are being presented to members of the press and shops at conventions and design events around the world. Happily this coincides with the completion of many of our architectural projects. As such, over our next few blogs we will lift the veil ever so slightly and share a few pictures of some our recently finished projects; a couple of seaside houses, a house white as chalk in the “Kartoffelrækkerne” neighborhood of Østerbro, a Ferrari garage in Spain, a penthouse apartment in Frederiksberg, felt panels for the home, a new interactive porcelain set, a restaurant and a minimalist bathroom set.

First, some pictures from the production and the very first prototypes of some new felt panels we drew up for the Designers Cut. The concept consists of a row of felt panels, each with different functions. A pin board, a letter holder, a clock, a mirror, hooks and a key holder. The boards can be re-arranged in endless configurations and placed all around the home; the hallway, kitchen, bathroom or home office.

Photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


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