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August Newsletter
The summer holidays are coming to an end and for those of us who have spent it here, the expectations of the remaining of the summer has grown with the unpredictable weather. We still haven’t had the big need to cool ourselves, the lunch or the beverages yet, so sun sun please come soon……

Therefore, we have decided to focus on a walk in the forest, in the park or on the beach in this newsletter.

When the landscape has become greener and the grass grows in the park, it is as if ourmind and body are affected in a positive direction. The streets are filled with people, as well as in the cafés and not to mention the green areas in the parks and the beautiful surroundings – so why not enjoy a cold glass of wine in the sun? Here is a recipe for a fresh and delicious summer drink, that you can take and bring with you in the picnic basket, to the beach or any place, where there is a need for a cool down.

Sunshine, summer and picnic
During the summer we are more relaxed, and when you lie in the green grass in the wonderful and peaceful surroundings, a cold drink is much needed. Below is an easy made and simple recipe for a fresh summer drink that effectively quenches thirst in the summer heat and is also perfect for a picnic.

Summer drink
Dry white wine
Elderflower juice
1-2 teaspoons cane sugar
½ Pressed lemon or lime
1-2 sprigs of fresh mint
Ice cubes

It is also good to serve as a welcome drink

White wine to go
Who wouldn’t like to take advantage of sunny summer days with a bottle of wine and a picnic basket, take a trip to the forest, barbecue on the beach, or just take an impulsive walk in the nature to enjoy a summer evening and a chilled bottle of wine? Outdoors life is wonderful, but transporting a bottle of wine and keeping it chilled until you get to your destination is not the simplest thing in the world. MENU now introduces a handy solution to this challenge. Designer Jakob Wagner designed a carefully considered Picnic edition of the popular Cool Coat, which meets all of the demands made on quality outdoors equipment.

The exceptional features that the Cool Coat Picnic have, is that it is made of sturdy cloth that does not allow condensation from the bottle to soak through. It has thick padding and an accompanying removable cooling pad that can be chilled in the freezer before use. Cool Coat Picnic can be completely closed with a durable zipper and also features a solid handle, reflector tape and a shock-absorbing, waterproof rubber base that enables it to stand stably and remain dry. Simply put, every detail has been thought of, including a small inside pocket for a Picnic Corkscrew.

The Cool Lunch Box
The lunch box is legendary. From the iconic image of the working man and his metal box on a floating beam in 47-story height to the young student bringing a delicate club sandwich with her for library readings at law school.

In honor of this inspirational history and to highlight the importance of a healthy homemade lunch MENU is now reinventing the healthy lunch experience and giving the classic lunch box a Scandinavian makeover.
MENU’s Cool Lunch is featured in strong colors with dominant zippers and holds a small cooling element that keeps food and beverages cold and fresh.

A clever handle with Velcro allows the Cool Lunch to be mounted with ease and brought along anywhere, anytime: On a golf bag, on a backpack, on the computer bag or over the handlebars of a bike – without the lunch being squeezed or demolished. A reinforced neoprene bottom further protects the energizing treats or the homemade gourmet.

A fresh look
“We took a fresh look at the lunch bag and wanted to make true improvement to its function and thus reinvent the experience of a fresh homemade lunch that can be enjoyed anywhere – in the office, at university, in the city, in the park, on the golf course, or at the gym,” says designer Jakob Wagner.
Cool Lunch is created with that one very specific ambition in mind – being a special treat for one person. The egoist lunch box for the homemade lunch, the special delicacies or for keeping the 6-pack cold and fresh.

Jakob Wagner brings a sense of style to the humble Cool Bag…
MENU has launched the ultimate proof that a cool bag full of food and drink under the arm or over the shoulder can be stylish. It is a fully functional cool bag, designed by Jakob Wagner with the attitude of an elegant shoulder bag.

MENU’s Cool Bag has been created to carry chilled white wine for a picnic, Danish strawberries for a romantic date or chilled elderflower juice for a trip to the beach. The secret is the unique, insulating, 100% waterproof inner bag, which keeps your food fresh and chilled, and allows you to bring new, exciting experiences to your picnic.

“We wanted to further develop an important part of the outdoor culture– the legendary cool bag and started by asking ourselves: Why can’t a cool bag be elegant and stylish instead of misshapen and gaudy?” says designer Jakob Wagner.

MENU’s Cool Bag has a completely different design and expression – a bag which is smart and fetching, while also being super-functional. Fill the bag with cold drinks and snacks, close it, pop it under your arm or over your shoulder and out the door you go.

Two innovative buckles mean Cool Bag can be used both as a standard bag with a short handle or as a shoulder bag with a longer strap. The insulating inner bag is also easy to remove, allowing the outer bag to be used as a spacious shopping bag – under the arm or over the shoulder.


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