A New Hybrid


(Original article by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen at bobedre.dk, translation by Nicholas Frickelton)

While the fall weather unfolds outside, I sit warmly in front of my monitor browsing some pictures we took in early summer of a new hybrid between a tray and a basket, that we’ve designed for Menu. Fortunately it has many uses beyond picnics.

Our new Traybasket is a durable and useful hybrid between a tray, a shopping basket and the classic weaved basket. In a simple and soft design language the best functions from all three types are combined into a new product. Inspiration is taken from both the archetypal veneer trays of the Shakers and Japanese trays with bamboo handles. The traybasket has many functions and uses. It can be used in the kitchen, fridge, living room, garden, by the grill and on a picnic. The tall walls ensures that food, bottles and dinnerware are secure and won’t fall out. When placed on the table with the handle lain down along the sides it becomes a tray. When the handle is lifted it locks in place and the tray becomes a basket. The locking handle makes it easy to carry the traybasket and its contents with one hand, leaving the other hand free. The tray’s insets can be used as airtight storage of food in kitchen drawers or in the fridge. The insets fit into the tray in several configurations while leaving room for dinnerware, wine, shakers, grill accessories and much more. When the  basket is unpacked on the garden table, the lawn, or at the beach, the inset lids can be used as cutting/bread boards. The felt inset, apart from giving the product a warm and welcoming character, is also an ideal breadbasket.

See the pictures below.


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