When Danes Design

(Original article by Teresa @ wonderloft.de, translation by Nicholas Frickelton)

Source: NORM

Copenhagen. Anyone searching for dazzling and innovative design inevitably lets their gaze fall upon Scandinavia first, for there the bright light of ideas somehow always comes on before anywhere else. The Danes simply have it down pat. As my mother always said, “If you want to know what we will be wearing next summer, then look at what the danish girls are wearing now.”

Of course, this gem of advice was not just limited to skirts, shirts and shoes. The kitchen, for example, is becoming an increasingly important place to “see and be seen”; anyone not wanting to come out on the bottom of inventory comparisons should stock up with the design experts NORM. Founded in 2008 by the architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, the design studio is interdisciplinary and is specialized in home architecture, interior decoration and industry design. For the most essential room of the house they have conjured up dreamy and practical utensils.

Decanting made easy with the Wine Breather by NORM

The cool kitchen tools and serving vessels go beyond simply delighting the hedonist in us all. If you don’t lose yourself in the stylish look of the Wine Breather, you will definitely notice how convenient and drop free the decanting of the Abadal Reserve becomes.

What’s cooler than being cold? Ice cold!

Equally convenient are the Cool Breathers, whose wonderfully modern cooling stick inside the bottle allow for cooling drinks to the most optimal temperature. For tea lovers NORM has a perfect robust and heat-resistant glass jug with integrated tea egg (the secret to 2nd-cup bliss), that also aesthetically radiates serenity and understatement. As if a tea jug could ever be described thus.

Whether Assam or Darjeeling, with the NORM Tea jug anything is possible.

Can so many beautifully shaped and functionally relevant instruments fit into one kitchen? It’s worth a try, because once you own even one NORM designed super-piece, which spices up the caboose with its finely crafted timeless modernity, you will inevitably want more. So, if you want to know which pepper-mill will be garnishing the salad next summer, you should have a look around the danish design duo’s studio.

Rude last word: The pepper-mill works perfectly and looks it too.

Photos by NORM


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