Homedit.com Interior Designer Profiles – Karim Rashid

(Original article by Loredana Sava @ homedit.com)

People realized some time ago that you cannot be brilliant in all fields of activity , but you can be great in only one and average in the others. So it is better to do what you do best and leave the rest for the specialists. So they soon realized that if you wanted to have a beautifully arranged home, you’d better look for an interior designer because they will know exactly what to do to make your dreams come true. Here are ten of the world’s most famous interior designers who are now successful and their most important works:

2. Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the best industrial designers of his generation and he comes from Egypt. He designed many products and also got involves in so many fields such as interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting, art and music to installations.

Karim’s work is featured in 20 permanent collections and he exhibits art in galleries world wide

Oaza Zdravlja pharmacy in Belgrade, Serbia – is one of my favourite interior design projects made by Karim Rashid because he succeeded to make a regular and totally boring pharmacy into a beautiful place with lots of fluid shapes and symbols.

For example everything around that pharmacy is coloured in light green, a kind of spring green that symbolizes healing and a healthy life. All shapes are rounded and fluid and most furniture pieces are transparent and made of plastic.

The walls seem to float and the organic shapes of the things around mingle so as to result in amazing images. There lighting on the ceiling is stylized so as to symbolize the human DNA or maybe the circuit of the medicine in the human body. The overall picture of the location is one of modernism and hope, trust and elegance.

Smart-ologic Corian Living project – is another important work of Rashid in the field of interior design and it was created with the purpose of presenting an exhibition during Milan Design Week 2010. This design, too, like the one before, exults with energy and modernism, colour and style. The designer uses melting walls and transparent plastic panels that are all rounded around the edges, so that there are no right angles and sharp shapes.

Everything is like a part of an organic mechanism. The table in the middle of the room has an unusual wavy shape and it has a matching panel above it casting light underneath. Usual objects are stylized and turned into pieces of art that integrate in this hose of mirrors: bikes are stylized and not working properly, but merely skeletons of bikes used as art works, there are carvings in the walls that support flower pots and all contours seem to melt. It is incredible just like the voyage of Alice through the rabbit hole.


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