Homedit.com Interior Designer Profiles – Patricia Urquiola

(Original article by Loredana Sava @ homedit.com)

People realized some time ago that you cannot be brilliant in all fields of activity , but you can be great in only one and average in the others. So it is better to do what you do best and leave the rest for the specialists. So they soon realized that if you wanted to have a beautifully arranged home, you’d better look for an interior designer because they will know exactly what to do to make your dreams come true. Here are ten of the world’s most famous interior designers who are now successful and their most important works:

3. Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish architect and designer and she is a prominent name in the world of interior design, having created many interesting and unique works. Never mind her origins and nationality, she did have many projects developed abroad and here is one of my favourites: the W Hotels Retreat & Spa on Vieques Island, opened in Puerto Rico.

Urquiola has received prizes including Designer of the Year and Elle Decor International Design Awards.

Here Patricia tried to find the defining features of the place and combine them with nature, everything in a beautiful decor with great design in order to have a nice and welcoming hotel as a result.

The hotel has 157 guest rooms and suits with many patios and balconies, being especially made for those who want to escape from the noisy cities and go back to nature for a holiday they will never want to forget. Everything has to be perfect starting with nature offering the beautiful sandy beached and the clear waters and finishing with the hotel and its interior design that makes the guests comfortable and loving the place.

That is why the designer used traditional-style objects that create an unique atmosphere and gave them a new look. For example the nice hanging chair is not only comfortable, but also hand woven in the local style colours and patterns and modernism is combined with traditional all the way. There is a Spa and a lush garden sanctuary where nature goes hand in hand with luxury and also a fitness center with the latest technology. All that you can possibly need is available, but wrapped up in such an incredible design that it makes you never want to leave.


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