Homedit.com Interior Designer Profiles – Federico Delrosso

(Original article by Loredana Sava @ homedit.com)

People realized some time ago that you cannot be brilliant in all fields of activity , but you can be great in only one and average in the others. So it is better to do what you do best and leave the rest for the specialists. So they soon realized that if you wanted to have a beautifully arranged home, you’d better look for an interior designer because they will know exactly what to do to make your dreams come true. Here are ten of the world’s most famous interior designers who are now successful and their most important works:

4. Federico Delrosso

Is basically an architect and he has been one ever since 1996. However he was very much interested in the design within the walls of the buildings he created. This is how he managed to also become an interior designer and one of the best ones I might add.

For Delrosso, architecture is a coherent blend of detail, quality, attentiveness to Nature and its organic elements.

He opened a design studio in Milan and he is well-known for his unexpected combinations of apparently divergent materials for example concrete with wood, glass and iron and even all of them together. He certainly is one of the loud voices of his generation.

Here is one of his most interesting and simple interior design projects at the same time – a residence in Monaco he arranged in an exquisite manner. He dedicated over one year and a half of his life to decorate this residence in a simple and nice style that would be perfect for housing a large family. His basic idea was to arrange a beautiful home that is able to bring the different family members together but also to keep them separate enough to ensure their privacy.

And I may say he completely succeeded doing this. One of his main challenges was to find the common element that linked two or more separate homes and make it the bond that kept the parts together in the whole. This family residence has a vertical development as you enter the house on the third floor and keep descending. Actually the home is made of what used to be three different apartments that are now connected by an exterior staircase. The nice wooden floors and the wooden tables with a natural appearance come into great contrast with the bare white walls.


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