Menu New Norm Dinnerware

(Original article by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen at, photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Rune Lundø, translation by Nicholas Frickelton)

New Norm Dinnerware

The new set we have designed for Menu carries many secrets within it. Not only did we design a restaurant for the set, we also built a digital world for it.

Our new set for Menu in many ways highlights our aesthetic look, which revolves around simplicity, timelessness, sensuality, functionality and individuality. At first glance, the individual pieces communicate just that. But, under the surface something very different lies hidden, a visual explosion that leads into a world of pictures, film and text, that inspires and informs.

Last week we visited Frederiksberg to create a picture for this platform that explains the source of inspiration for our choice of colored glazes – Wilhelm Hammershøi. The nordic melancholy, poetry, color and feel in his pictures draw you into the art in a big way. His interiors are minimalistic and modern, and the many slightly bowed heads seen from behind with exposed necks have a special kind of beauty. Our mission thus became to create modern photography of the set including elements from the inspiration source. See below for some pictures from the day and judge for yourself if Hammerhøi’s influence is detectable in our photography.


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