Homedit.com Interior Designer Profiles – Miles Redd

(Original article by Loredana Sava @ homedit.com)

People realized some time ago that you cannot be brilliant in all fields of activity , but you can be great in only one and average in the others. So it is better to do what you do best and leave the rest for the specialists. So they soon realized that if you wanted to have a beautifully arranged home, you’d better look for an interior designer because they will know exactly what to do to make your dreams come true. Here are ten of the world’s most famous interior designers who are now successful and their most important works:

7. Miles Redd

Originally comes from Atlanta, but you can say he is international. He is a remarkable designer and he turned into an advantage the fact that he used to work as a set designer. This way he can now adjust to all kinds of styles and genres without any preconceptions and stereotypes. He likes decorating and designing the interior of a house in order to reflect the owner’s personality.


His work has been featured in New York Magazine, Vogue and Elle Décor.

So he mingles modern art and antiques or vintage items bought from thrift stores or fairs in a brilliant way. Even though he started with his friends’ apartments, he is now able to decorate any room, house, museum or any other living space.

This is one of his projects and the best proof that a small apartment in Manhattan can be colourful and really cool. So the designer though to give each room in the apartment personality and gave them each a colour that allows us to easily differentiate them. He chose a different colour for every room and tried to give it personal features in order to make it interesting and unique.


The living room was decorated in blue and modern equipment was placed near vintage furniture covered in velour, which made the room look at least interesting. The green hallway with olive green doors made the transition to a totally unexpected room: the foyer designed to look like a garden. Brown wallpaper with branch and bird patterns was the background for the geometrical chevron pattern of the floor. In between you can admire the lamps with a column base made of malachite and a Neo-classical console that only adds a plus of personality to the room.


There is a study with a whole collection of interesting photos and also a flat screen computer desktop next to an old fashioned orange phone. The richness of details make the whole so nice: a red door leading to a marble bathroom for example or a green kitchen next to a dining room that is full of books. But there is something really beautiful in this mixture of apparently mismatching objects, something that is quite appealing and gives away the style of the designer.


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