What is a Thermo Cup?

Thermo Cup, Side plate, SpoonFor years, Menu has been selling a genuinely useful product that perhaps hasn’t gotten then attention it deserves. Who hasn’t sat with a warm mug of something delicious, eager to hold the warm cup in their hands, but then noticed that – hey – perhaps this mug is a little TOO hot. So you put it down, let it cool a bit, sip at it carefully and then finally – once your infallible mouth-thermometer detects the right temperature – embrace your mug with your by-now freezing hands. Ahhh… so warm, so nice. If only you didn’t have to wait forever for that. You don’t have to. Menu’s thermo cups remove the wait, and also keep your drink warm for longer, meaning less icky cold sips.

black contour thermocup 4 pack large 2How does it work? Well, it’s quite simple and ingenious. Menu’s thermo cups are double-walled. The air between the walls acts as insulation, which immediately benefits you in two ways. First, the cup stays comfortably warm on the outside even if the drink inside is scorching hot. No more leaving the cup to cool and no more big handles that get in the way. Second, your drink will stay warm for longer since it’s no longer losing as much heat along the sides. Some of Menu’s thermo cups even come with lids, turning your thermo cup into an instant mini-thermos for longer heat retention.

thermo cups 6 pack largeThere are many sizes and designs to choose from. Even our smallest thermo cups are roomy, but if you prefer big mugs of hot stuff we have large thermo cups aplenty. Want thermo cups with lids? We got you covered. We even have lots of stylish designs on the cups themselves, from the simple and elegant award-winning Black Contour sets, to the colorful and cozy Nordic Wool sets, the playful Norm Brushstroke sets, and finally the Verner Panton tribute sets. And of course, our thermo cups are ceramic and are dishwasher and microwave safe.