The Urban Wintergarden

(Article originally by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn at, translated by Nicholas Frickelton)

The special light of the North, as well as its paradoxical combination of change, togetherness and wholeness, is the inspiration for the color palette of New Norm Dinnerware. Materials, contours and textures have been gathered directly from nature’s elements in the clean, simple and honest way that defines Nordic form. The diversity of colors and materials frees creativity and challenges the traditional arrangement of a meal. Variations in colors, surfaces and compositions can tell stories about the year’s passing and seasonal produce; rhubarbs in spring, strawberries in summer and fall apples. In this context, New Norm will be the perfect stage for the local kitchen and the use of seasonal produce.

Don’t think your experience ends there. Under select pieces of New Norm Dinnerware you will find beautiful illustrations of local produce and a discrete QR-code. This code will give you access to an online universe of inspiration for delicious cooking with local produce and inviting table arrangements. Here you will find a whole new visual and culinary world along with the story about the set and the restaurant Höst.

Scandinavian design has naturally found its mirror-image in Nordic gastronomy, and so it was straightforward to let the two complement each other. This is currently being accomplished at the Nansegade-Quarter’s new local neo-Nordic restaurant, which we designed and furnished with custom furniture and lighting.

In order to support the local concept we found inspiration in the fields, and dragged the farm and everything ‘country’ into the city, and created a modern restaurant with both a tight and cozy feel. Everything from the food and the dinner sets to the furnishings is rustic and almost embarrassed in its simplicity.

See the pictures below or experience our online universe at

Photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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