Raw on the Outside, Smooth on the Inside

(Original article and photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen for BoBedre.dk, translation by Nicholas Frickelton)


It’s delightfully liberating not to have to fight with with too many conventions, and this is usually the case in our collaborations with private builders.

We recently finished work on a total renovation of a beautiful old home in the cozy “Kartoffelrække” Quarter of Østerbro. We previously collaborated with the builders on a minimalist apartment project in Frederiksberg. This time however, they demanded an even more thorough minimalist implementation, where the interior is transformed into a tight, entirely white and zen-like abode without superfluous details. It was also important for the rooms in this old home – with a small floor plan – to feel as airy as possible, and the three floors to be connected vertically to function as one multi-floor apartment – not the separate apartments originally intended with the building.

After tearing out everything from the interior and working on the home for months, the experience – of stepping into the house down the street with the raw bricks, small dollhouses and greens trees – is a surprising and visual experience. Although the interior appears like a smooth white diamond, it is actually both a cozy and cleansing experience to move around the clean, smooth rooms which grab the body and shift the focus to the people, the dog and the scattered sculptural furniture and lamps in the home.

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