Mother’s Day Staff Picks – Perfect Gifts for Her

Menu Rubber Vase

Rubber Vase: “A quirky vase that’s perfect for giving or displaying flowers in an unusual way.” – Lars

Menu Coolbreather Carafe

Coolbreather Carafe: “Keeps your wine cool on the porch.” – Lars

Menu Gridy Me Mirror

Gridy Me Mirror: “So she can see how beautiful she is.” – Helle, “Cute and simple, which my mom likes.” – Julie

Menu Chunk Candleholders

Chunk Candleholders: “Some candles to brighten her day.” – Helle

Menu Multi Basket

Multi Basket: “My mom likes going to the park.” – Julie

Menu POV Wall Candleholders

POV Wall Candleholders: “My mom loves home decor, and candle holders especially.” – Julie

Menu Blade Wine Tools

Blade Wine Tool Collection: “My mother enjoys wine with dinner. The Blade collection has everything she needs to enjoy a bottle, even if she doesn’t feel like sharing.” – Nick T.

Menu Glass Teapot + Heater

Glass Teapot + Heater: “She has tea every night. The heater means no trips to the microwave to heat up a cup of lukewarm tea.” – Nick T.

Menu Winebreather Carafe

Winebreather Carafe: “Fantastic for dinner parties. She could use a few on the table when she hosts extended family parties, such as Thanksgiving.” – Nick T.

Menu Fire Hurricane

Fire Hurricane Outdoor Candeholders: “Beautiful decorations during the day, atmospheric lighting by night. She loves having friends over until late into the evening.” – Nick F.

Menu Double Candeholder

Double Candeholder: “The intertwined shape reminds my mom of dancers. Dancing has always had a special meaning to her.” – Nick F.


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