Staff Picks – Father’s Day

We asked around the office. See what we would get our dads.

menu beer foamer

– Julie: “Great for beer lovers and won’t break the bank.” – Nick F: “Fun gadget for the dad that loves beer.” – Helle: “Dad deserves the best beer.”

menu fire basket

– Julie: “Perfect addition to backyard parties for summer.” – Lars: “For those long summer evenings.”

menu winebreather deluxe

– Julie: “A luxurious gift to make dad feel special.”

menu champagne sabre

– Helle: “Let’s celebrate dad in style.”

menu lighthouse oil lamp family white

– Nick F: “Strong and steady flames for a strong and steady guy.”

menu blade waiters corkscrew

– Nick F: “Useful tool for any drinking situation.”

menu luggage tag

– Lars: “Makes the suitcase easy to find at the airport.”

menu book binder large oak

– Nick T: “Sleek and sturdy protection for his tomes.”

menu new norm bath wiper

– Lars: “Make it easy for dad to make mom happy.”


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