Mirror To Go – Bath Additions 2014

norm floor mirror banner

norm floor mirror white 1In the spirit of Scandinavian simplicity, the two Danes behind Norm Architects, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn, always strive to cut to the bone. To find the simplest possible solution without forgetting the beauty of the shape or the details – all in order to reach a point where nothing added nor subtracted will make the product better.

norm floor mirror black 2In our opinion, this is what sets Norm Architects apart from other talented designers. And when we look at Norm Floor Mirror, we think they stopped at the exact right point. A beautiful piece of design with simple aesthetics, powerful looks and fine details. Designed to lean against the wall – or to go, stand or hang wherever you find it best.

bath ladder mirrorNorm Architects’ love of minimalism and functionality shines through clearly in the Bath series, as they create products that meet real-life needs, while still having a modern and aesthetic look.

norm bath group white 1Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: “As a designer it is always exciting to think outside the box and try to work your designs into other parts of people’s lives, while still keeping the same design aesthetic. With the new additions to the Bath series in 2013 and 2014 we’ve slowly expanded into the hallway, the kitchen and the bedroom. So… who knows where we might go next year?”


Wine and Water by Benjamin Hubert

ww carafe benjamin hubert banner

ww carafe bottle pourBenjamin Hubert designed W/W, a new series consisting of a wine carafe and stackable wine glasses. The challenge was to create a product with a visually dramatic wine breathing process to develop Menu’s portfolio of wine accessories.

ww carafe box pourBenjamin Hubert created over twenty prototypes of the W/W carafe during the design process to test the flow of wine and obtain the maximum aeration. The final ‘raining’ process is both visually arresting and, as the wine is poured from the bottle into the carafe, increases the surface area of the wine by eight times a normal pour from the bottle – thus providing 800% aeration and improving the wine’s flavor. The wine can then be easily served from the carafe, making the process simple and efficient. The open design means you can pour in boxed wines as well.

ww carafe pour lime waterThe new carafe is called W/W, which stands for ‘water’ and ‘wine’, as it can be used to serve a variety of beverages. When serving water or soft drinks from the W/W carafe, the rubber seal and stainless steel breathing device prevent ice and garnishes, such as fruits and herbs, from splashing into the glasses.

ww carafe glass stackThe W/W carafe is crafted from mouth-blown glass with an silicon seal that is friction-fitted over a stainless steel ‘breather’ component. The mouth-blown glasses stack inside the neck of the carafe for easy storage and transportation to the table.

Stitches – A Tribute to Patience

stitches location table

stitches location stitchingStitches by Gry Fager quickly became popular when we launched it last year. It was one of our key items from the Spring 2014 collection – our very first collection as the new, reinvented Menu, and we’re really pleased with the warm welcome the series has received.

For the Fall 2014 Collection we’re adding some new items – just as cosy and down to earth as the rest of the Stitches family: a large Tea Cosy to keep a kettle warm, some lovely cotton Placemats and some soft and beautiful cotton Tea Towels. And for all the lonely tables and windowsills out there we have a lovely porcelain Stitches Vase and Candle Holders for regular candles and tealights.

stiches location cosyCross-stitching is a big part of the Danish handicraft tradition, and something closely tied to the family. Most of us learned from our unbelievably patient grandmothers – or our even more patient home craft teachers who got the questionable joy of teaching 30 kids at a time. But they did. And they made sure we followed the right patterns and tucked the thread neatly on the backside.

Cross-stitching is something you do to let your mind wander, to let go of thoughts about work and busy times, and to just be right where you are. We think this is what the world needs right now – a little collective step on the brakes. Some time to think, breathe and evaluate how we want to live our lives. It’s our hope, that stitches production hand craftedgathering around Menu Stitches will serve as a pause for you. A time to slow down, turn off the noise, log off, relax with your friends, kids or family and focus on just being right where you are.

From her studio workshop in Copenhagen, Gry Fager develops her designs, from sketching to crafting prototypes. In this creative environment ideas come alive and Stitches become reality. Her designs are also focused on quality, good products, and the good life: ”I put great personal emphasis on creating products that are very usable, and products that people will find joy in using in their everyday life”.



Thermocups Explained

stitches thermocup loc1Menu offers a truly useful design that we think hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Who hasn’t sat down with a warm mug of something delicious, eager to hold the warm cup in their hands, but then noticed that – hey – perhaps this mug is a little TOO hot. So you put it down, let it cool a bit, sip at it carefully and then finally – once your infallible mouth-thermometer detects the right temperature – embrace your mug with your now freezing hands. Ahhh… so warm, so nice. If only you didn’t have to wait forever for that. You don’t have to. Menu’s thermocups remove the wait, but not the heat, and keep your drinks warm for longer, meaning no more icky cold sips.

thermocup cross sectionHow does it work? Well, it’s quite simple, yet ingenious. Menu’s thermocups are double-walled. The air between the walls acts as insulation, which immediately benefits you in two ways. First, the cup stays comfortably warm on the outside even if the drink inside is scorching hot. No more waiting on the cup to cool down, and no more handles that get in the way. Second, your drink will stay warm for longer since it’s no longer losing as much heat along the sides. Some of Menu’s thermocups come with lids, turning your thermocup into an instant mini-thermos for serious long-term heat retention.

nndw thermocups loc1There are many sizes and designs to choose from. Our smallest thermocups are roomy enough for a real cup of coffee, but if you prefer big mugs of hot stuff we have large thermocups aplenty. Want thermocups with lids? We’ve got you covered. Choose from many design styles, from the simple and elegant award-winning Black Contour sets, to the subtle and pure New Norm sets, the traditional Stitches sets, and finally the Verner Panton tribute sets. And of course, our porcelain thermocups are dishwasher and microwave safe.