Designer Spotlight: Afteroom Studio

Afteroom Chair_Location_06

AfteroomAfteroom is a Stockholm based design studio founded and directed by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei.  Advocators of the traces of time, simplicity and honesty, their mission is “simply to create beautiful products which will add value over time – design to grow old with”.   With inspiration deriving from the meshing of forms, senses, proportions, materials and cultures, Afteroom delivers simplistic aesthetics with the utmost functionality.

Afteroom Chair_Location_16 The Afteroom chair, Menu’s first ever chair, is a three-legged one, and it’s the result of deconstructing an item, piece by piece, with the purpose of obtaining an original design. “The Afteroom Chair is an homage to Bauhaus and functionalism.  The simplicity of its design with the quality of materials is what’s important.  We embraced the challenge of designing something minimalistic with clean lines, without in any way compromising its comfort. In that sense we’ve looked towards classic Scandinavian features as inspiration”, says Hung-Ming.

Afteroom Coat Hanger_Location_03The Afteroom Coat Hanger is a compact coat hanger that offers plenty of storage hooks in a tight, sleek design.  A great addition where space is at a premium or aesthetics are important, the Afteroom Coat Hanger is a simple rack for coats, clothes or crazy hats. It is simple inside out.  Easy to mount on the wall and all screws are hidden inside the frame to emphasize clean aesthetic.

The Afteroom Barstool takes the same innovative and clean design as the Afteroom Chair, but with longer legs.  The tall Afteroom Barstool is perfect as an extra chair in the kitchen, as the beautiful front row of a bar area, or as the new and striking chairs in the office waiting room.  The chairs are light, comfortable and durable, and with Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei’s clear and non-compromising aesthetic vision, they take the meaning of simplistic design to a whole new level.

Afteroom Lounge Chair_Location_09An additional piece from Afteroom coming soon to Menu is the Lounge Chair, the result of combining the inspiration from two iconic chairs of early modernism; the ‘Thonet Bentwood Armchair’ by Michael Thonet and the ‘Spanish Chair’ by Børge Mogensen.  The combination of these two classics became something new – just as elegant as the Thonet and as comfortable as the Spanish Chair.  Keep an eye out for new pieces from Afteroom as they will not disappoint.



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