Designer Spotlight: Andreas Engesvik


Andreas Engesvik (born 1970) has a BFA in History of Art from the AndreasUniversity of Bergen, Norway and went on to study Design at the National College of Art and Design, also in Bergen, Norway. He graduated in 2000 with a BA with honors and founded in the same year NORWAY SAYS. After several successful international exhibitions NORWAY SAYS teamed up chunk marble groupin Oslo in 2002. In 2009, after 6 successful years as a company, Andreas Engesvik went solo and founded his new studio ANDREAS ENGESVIK, OSLO. His studio is working in various fields of design ranging from furniture and table¬ware to industrial design for various international clients.

Menu Chunk is a series ofchunk marble black bare raw and robust candle holders for regular candles. Three different kinds of material in different sizes, ready to mix, match and mismatch just as you like. We introduced the series in Fall 2014 and it has been one of our most popular designs. For Spring 2015 we’re adding yet another variant: the luxurious Black Marble with Brass top. The mix of the raw base and the shiny glowing top gives Chunk a rough and romantic look. As the candle burns down the light will reflect in the brass top and give a beautiful glow. Perfect for dinner tables, wedding gifts, windowsills, and moments when you just want to spoil yourself rotten.


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