Designer Spotlight: Stokke Austad

wooden bowl loc8

StokkeAustad is a Norway design team based in Oslo. The designers Jonas R. Stokke and Øystein Austad work together with Linn Tale Haugen and Joachim Levin. The aim of StokkeAustad is to create value by design. Functional, costs free, timeless aesthetic and environment friendly should be the designs from StokkeAustad.

A new product by StokkeAustad is their Wooden Bowl, coming summer 2015. Available in tall and wide, you can use it to store various small items or leave it empty and enjoy the strong sculptural shape and the beautiful ash wood that is stained such that the wood grain is still visible. The starting point of this design was a curious exploration of the wood material. How thin could it be made without cracking? How would the contrast between the thin shell and the base be?  Stokke and Austad experimented with different types of wood, shapes and proportions to get the perfect match – and at the end, Wooden Bowl was born.luster candle holder3

A standout product, their Luster Candleholders, come in three different sizes.  The varying heights are visually pleasing on any table, and you can play around to get the setting just right. All three have elongated bodies with a rounded finish towards the table. This gives them a light and refined expression with elegant details – yet they are both steady and safe to handle. Stokke and Austad say, “We wanted to emphasize the power of candles. To us, adding a lit candle to any table completely transforms the experience. A dinner with a lit candle is a totally different experience to one without”.






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