Designer Spotlight: DesignWright

blade vacuum pump loc2

DesignWright250pDesignWright is the London-based practice of English brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright, specializing in product and furniture design. They have a background in industrial design and engineering and focus on both the visual and the technical aspects of their craft. They work across a wide range of design disciplines and welcome projects of all sizes. Designwright has won several Red Dot and Design Plus awards and earned the recognition of the British industry organization D&AD.

blade vacuum pump black largeA popular item by DesignWright is the Blade Vacuum pump. It gives longer life to wine leftovers by sucking the air out of the bottle to prevent oxidation. Simply place the pump over the top of the airtight cork in the bottle and lift the top with your finger. The rubber coated surface provides a secure grip on the aerodynamic design and the pump comes with two corks.

Bouquet and taste come to the forefront as the wine MENU-blade-decanting-pourer-largepasses through the Blade Decanting Pourer. The flat front produces a wonderful, broad wine stream with the greatest possible surface area so that the wine is properly aerated. Four small holes replicate the patented Venturi principle, providing further aeration and enhancing the taste experience. Independent tests have confirmed that the Blade Decanting Pourer is a new winner among wine aerators.

Continuing with the wine accessories is the Blade Waiter’s Corkscrew: a small tool that fits snugly into the hand. The corkscrew, which boasts an aerodynamic and ergonomic design, is pleasantly angled, requiring less energy to operate. Light, stable and robust with an agreeable rubber coated surface, the corkscrew also features a bottle opener and foil knife.


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