You Can’t Call Yourself a Wine Lover Without These!

Summer is here and it’s time to bring the bottles out! These simplistic wine accessories make perfect gifts and also give the perfect amount of elegance to your afternoon glass.

4683039 Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe, 52 oz 01

Wine Breather_Location_04

Wine Breather, Deluxe by Norm Architects

Open a bottle of wine, place Wine Breather Deluxe over the bottleneck
and flip it all upside down – the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.


4620539 Blade Waiter's Corkscrew 01

4620539 Blade Waiter's Corkscrew 04

Blade Waiter’s Corkscrew by DesignWright

Wine Thermometer

4657049 Wine Thermometer, Fahrenheit 02

4657049 Wine Thermometer, Fahrenheit 04

Wine Thermometer by Jakob Wagner (DK)

Decanting Pourer

4653239 Vintage Decanting Pourer 01

Decanting Pourer, Vintage by Jakob Wagner

4653139 Premium Decanting Pourer 02

Decanting Pourer, Premium by Martin Sonne (DK)

4653239 Vintage Decanting Pourer 02

Decanting Pourer, Vintage by Martin Sonne (DK)

Vacuum Stopper

4656239 Vintage Vacuum Stopper 01

Vacuum Stopper, Vintage by Jacob Wagner (DK)

4656439 Selection Vacuum Stopper 03

Vacuum Stopper, Selection by Jakob Wagner (DK)

Champagne Sabre

4682059 Champagne Sabre 02

Champagne Sabre by Karim Rashid



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