5 Creative Side Tables

Innovative side tables with unique designs and practical functions.

Cage Table

The Cage Table is a light and functional storage unit – used to beautify and light up all the empty and boring spaces of the world. Designers, Form Us With Love, mention “The Cage collection has a strong functional ambition while the pieces also become beautiful interior accessories”.

Turning Table

German designer Theresa Arns set out to design a simple side table with built in storage space for whatever you need at hand in the living room. The design of the Turning Table is elegant, distinct, and very welcoming. Arns explains, “I was looking for an unpretentious but elegant way to open the storage container under the top plate and got the idea to open the lid by rotating it around one of the legs”.

Yeh Table

Yeh Wall Table is designed by Taiwan-based designer, Kenyon Yeh. He found the inspiration for this mobile side-table after observing a cheerleading practise at a neighbouring school in his hometown.

Stick System

Designers Jan and Henry mention how “it enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”. The Stick System can be used as a side table, a bookshelf, a nightstand, a shelving system, or whatever you desire.

Flip Around Table

A few simple adjustments and you can transform the Flip Around chair from a tray in the hallway, to the table holding your afternoon coffee, into a surprisingly comfortable stool. Norm Architects strived for a mix of the new and the classic.


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