How to Style an Office

Here are some practical items for your office to boost your productivity without interrupting your flow.


Snaregade Table, Oval, by Norm Architects / Studio WM Dining Chair by Studio WM

The Snaregade Table by Norm Architects was originally designed as table specifically for Bjarne Hansen, the creative director and founder at Menu; however, Norm also decided to manufacture some tables for their own studio. The WM dining chair is great because of its light and airy appearance and the thin structure of the wire frame that gives it a delicate feel.

Wire Bin_Location_12.jpg

Wire Bin by Norm Architects

Norm Architects make it a virtue to focus on quality, durability and timelessness with this wire bin. They tried for something simple, but also visually strong.


Tribeca Reade Table Lamp by Soren Rose

The Reade Table Lamp was inspired by New York City glamour in the late 1930’s. The name Tribeca refers to a very popular part of New York on lower west Manhattan, the triangle below Canal Street.


My Spot by Jan & Henry (Photo Credit: Jennifer Hagler)

MySpot is formed of three anchors, a weight, and string. This is perfect for the office because it can hold a calendar, schedule, message, sketch, postal order, hotel reservation, or a postcard from travel. You can have all that you need within sight in a well arranged and impressive composition.


Stick System by Jan & Henry/ Metal Wall Clock by Norm Architects

The Stick System is a multi-functional shelving system. This is perfect for the office to store all work related item such as documents, notebooks, books, writing utensils, or whatever you seem fit. The wall clock is a celebration of materiality, color, and simplicity.






So… They’re Shelves?

Menu Stick System

Have you ever had a shelving system that can be configured into whatever you need? With wooden sticks and joints of steel the versatile Stick System can be transformed into a hanging clothing rack, work table, and a shelving system. This is easily assembled and offer multi-functional solutions for residential use. As an add-on to the shelving system, light steel plates work as mobile shelves for placing books, plates, lamps and other objects.



Photo Credit: Tariq Dixon, TRNK




Photo Credit: Jennifer Hagler


trends and traditions copenhagen 01.jpg

Endlessly Configurable

The stick system comes in many different varieties and is highly configurable. Regardless of what specific configuration you purchase, you can re-arrange the building blocks as you see fit.

  • 1 x 2: 28.9″w x 22.8″h x 19.7″d
  • 1 x 3: 28.9″w x 37.7″h x 19.7″d
  • 1 x 4: 28.9″w x 52.5″h x 19.7″d
  • 1 x 5: 28.9″w x 67.4″h x 19.7″d
  • 3 x 2: 76.9″w x 22.8″h x 19.7″d
  • 3 x 3: 76.9″w x 37.7″h x 19.7″d
  • 3 x 4: 76.9″w x 52.5″h x 19.7″d
  • 3 x 5: 76.9″w x 67.4″h x 19.7″d


Menu Stick System Press Release.jpg

Stick System is presented in various color combinations and wooden hues, and with maximum attention to detail, the combined wood and steel structure perfectly harmonizes with the chosen color palate for a clean, soft and light appearance we refer to as Soft Minimalism. The organic construction of Stick System is the creation of Czech designers Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, who in recent years have earned recognition for their design philosophy.

The Designers

Jan & Henry (2).jpg

Jan and Henry mention, “We wanted to create a clever and aesthetically beautiful design solution for a modern generation: Stick System can be extended and adapted to fit different spaces. It enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs,” comments Jan Plecháč. They are equally as grounded as their design, and when asked about the most important aspect to consider as a designer, their answer is unanimous: “Being as responsible as possible to the planet and to the people that inhabit it”.


Photo Credit: Tariq Dixon, TRNK

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5 Creative Side Tables

Innovative side tables with unique designs and practical functions.

Cage Table

The Cage Table is a light and functional storage unit – used to beautify and light up all the empty and boring spaces of the world. Designers, Form Us With Love, mention “The Cage collection has a strong functional ambition while the pieces also become beautiful interior accessories”.

Turning Table

German designer Theresa Arns set out to design a simple side table with built in storage space for whatever you need at hand in the living room. The design of the Turning Table is elegant, distinct, and very welcoming. Arns explains, “I was looking for an unpretentious but elegant way to open the storage container under the top plate and got the idea to open the lid by rotating it around one of the legs”.

Yeh Table

Yeh Wall Table is designed by Taiwan-based designer, Kenyon Yeh. He found the inspiration for this mobile side-table after observing a cheerleading practise at a neighbouring school in his hometown.

Stick System

Designers Jan and Henry mention how “it enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”. The Stick System can be used as a side table, a bookshelf, a nightstand, a shelving system, or whatever you desire.

Flip Around Table

A few simple adjustments and you can transform the Flip Around chair from a tray in the hallway, to the table holding your afternoon coffee, into a surprisingly comfortable stool. Norm Architects strived for a mix of the new and the classic.

Brilliant New Sofa Arriving Soon!

We are very excited to announce our new Godot Sofa by Isko-Berlin coming out this September! Godot is a comfortable and inviting sofa series comprising of the 2 and 3 seater, as well as an armchair. The inner “spaces” of the sofa are designed in sizes allowing for a comfortable seating position without limiting the freedom to move around and stretch your legs.


Menu at Ouur_04

Iskos – Berlin Design is a partnership between Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. The firm operates within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design. This enterprise was only established in late 2010, but Boris and Aleksej had worked together for a number of years prior to setting up shop together. In 1987, Boris co-founded Komplot Design, where Aleksej was employed as an assistant for more than 11 years. This long and fruitful cooperation engendered a shared design philosophy.



The exterior vertical and rectangular surfaces allow for easy and natural placement of couches along with and close to walls as well as positioned centrally in the room; and, likewise, the feasibility of placing the furniture side by side as well as back to back. This feature makes Godot very usable in private as well as in public spaces.

Menu at Ouur_03.jpg

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A Nice Soft Throw is Not Enough

Bjarne Hansen, the director of Danish design-brand Menu, wants to do so much more than just stuff new things into people’s homes. At the NorthModern design convention the company presented a new series of Cashmere throws from a development project in Nepal.

Translated by Nicholas Frickelton from original article by Mette Nexmand at

It is not enough that things are pretty, and that people like buying pretty things. It also has to feel right. Bjarne Hansen, the director of the successful Danish design-brand Menu, meticulously folds a silky soft throw before returning it to a box. Then, he picks it up again and repeats this little séance. It is clear he has a connection to the textile; something special that goes beyond the need for selling a product.

Now we are standing in Menu’s exhibition area at the NorthModern design convention. Lined up in front of us is a row of snow-white boxes filled with cashmere throws and scarves, all in balanced, grey nuances.

“This is about our brand’s attitude,” says Bjarne Hansen. “It’s about how we are. A few years back I took a break to figure out what I wanted to achieve with the company. I needed our activities to have a purpose on a higher level. After an extended trip I contacted Danida to hear where they thought where we as company could make the biggest difference. They immediately pointed us at Nepal,” says the director.

Bjarne Hansen explains how many Nepalese girls and young women are lured into prostitution, get sent off to India, and eventually end up as sex-slaves. Nepalese girls as young as 12 years old are exposed to the most awful things, only to be rejected by their families if they return. This fate is avoidable if the girls are given an early start with productive work, letting them provide for themselves and possibly even their parents in the poor villages surrounding the metropolis of Katmandu.

Menu’s cashmere series of products are made by girls in precisely this situation. The series arrives on the market in October, but the wonderful products may already be sold out by then. This collection is completely unique and has already produced a lot of interest.

Bjarne Hansen has been collaborating with Danida for several years on this development project in Katmandu. At its core, the project is essentially about getting women and girls started with work in design that not only will sell, but has meaning. Cashmere wool is prevalent in the region, and the girls can weave. Boom! An idea was born.

nepal table meeting

Pictured above: Menu’s dispatched Danish and Swedish designers meet with their local partners in Nepal.

bjarne hansen portrait

Bjarne Hansen, Director of Menu, initiated the development project with support from Danida. Last year he was awarded BO BEDRE’S and BoligMagasinet’s “Fire Soul Award” at the 2014 Designawards.

Hand-weaved luxury for us – and a new life for hundreds of girls in Nepal.

At this very moment, hundreds of Nepalese girls are in the process of weaving for Menu’s new collection. It takes a week to weave one throw, for a final price of approx. $650. In comparison, luxury throws of the same quality from say, Burberry, cost well over $1000. This also a serious matter. Bjarne Hansen isn’t interested in the profit margin here – he wants to get the Nepalese girls weaving and producing something we can buy and feel good about – not just because of the baby-soft materials, but because it is charitable.

The same collection also features a line of beautiful boxes made in a factory just outside Katmandu. There is nothing ethnic or home-grown about the design. The line looks like any other tasteful, Scandinavian design, and this falls completely in line with Bjarne Hansen’s intentions. He has involved numerous designers, i.e. Norm Architects, in the project in order to verify quality, and it shows on the final product.

A small footnote: the project and collection naturally has a mascot, a little teddy bear made of wool. Bjarne Hansen sighs a little, and talks about the work process involved in making the teddy bears in a Nepalese factory.

“They just aren’t used to working in this way, so we have posters with instructions plastered all over the place. Otherwise we end up with teddy bears with crooked legs and disproportionate ears…”

nepal blue textiles

lady with red

weaving station

Staff Picks – Father’s Day

We asked around the office. See what we would get our dads.

menu beer foamer

– Julie: “Great for beer lovers and won’t break the bank.” – Nick F: “Fun gadget for the dad that loves beer.” – Helle: “Dad deserves the best beer.”

menu fire basket

– Julie: “Perfect addition to backyard parties for summer.” – Lars: “For those long summer evenings.”

menu winebreather deluxe

– Julie: “A luxurious gift to make dad feel special.”

menu champagne sabre

– Helle: “Let’s celebrate dad in style.”

menu lighthouse oil lamp family white

– Nick F: “Strong and steady flames for a strong and steady guy.”

menu blade waiters corkscrew

– Nick F: “Useful tool for any drinking situation.”

menu luggage tag

– Lars: “Makes the suitcase easy to find at the airport.”

menu book binder large oak

– Nick T: “Sleek and sturdy protection for his tomes.”

menu new norm bath wiper

– Lars: “Make it easy for dad to make mom happy.”

Mother’s Day Staff Picks – Perfect Gifts for Her

Menu Rubber Vase

Rubber Vase: “A quirky vase that’s perfect for giving or displaying flowers in an unusual way.” – Lars

Menu Coolbreather Carafe

Coolbreather Carafe: “Keeps your wine cool on the porch.” – Lars

Menu Gridy Me Mirror

Gridy Me Mirror: “So she can see how beautiful she is.” – Helle, “Cute and simple, which my mom likes.” – Julie

Menu Chunk Candleholders

Chunk Candleholders: “Some candles to brighten her day.” – Helle

Menu Multi Basket

Multi Basket: “My mom likes going to the park.” – Julie

Menu POV Wall Candleholders

POV Wall Candleholders: “My mom loves home decor, and candle holders especially.” – Julie

Menu Blade Wine Tools

Blade Wine Tool Collection: “My mother enjoys wine with dinner. The Blade collection has everything she needs to enjoy a bottle, even if she doesn’t feel like sharing.” – Nick T.

Menu Glass Teapot + Heater

Glass Teapot + Heater: “She has tea every night. The heater means no trips to the microwave to heat up a cup of lukewarm tea.” – Nick T.

Menu Winebreather Carafe

Winebreather Carafe: “Fantastic for dinner parties. She could use a few on the table when she hosts extended family parties, such as Thanksgiving.” – Nick T.

Menu Fire Hurricane

Fire Hurricane Outdoor Candeholders: “Beautiful decorations during the day, atmospheric lighting by night. She loves having friends over until late into the evening.” – Nick F.

Menu Double Candeholder

Double Candeholder: “The intertwined shape reminds my mom of dancers. Dancing has always had a special meaning to her.” – Nick F.

Weight Here! Candle holders and Candelabras by KiBiSi

Weight Here at MenuDesignShop.comWeight Here is a family of candle holders featuring distinct historic references to the iconic typology of chamber candlesticks and candelabras.

The designs revisit the standard candlestick appearance and dimensions, and are natural extensions of these made to fit today’s candles.

Weight Here comes in four versions: S and M for ordinary candles and L & XL for block candles.

The cast iron parts acknowledge historic artisanal techniques and the polystone references KiBiSi’s link to modern architecture. These materials provide the candlesticks with a grounded feel and a solid no-nonsense appearance.

KiBiSi Profile at MenuDesignShop.comThree odd characters each at the very forefront of their respective areas of expertise make up KiBiSi. Lars Larsen comes from the world of industrial design, Bjarke Ingels from architecture and Jens Martin Skibsted from design philosophy and concept development – together they form a team of diverse abilities that has become one of Scandinavia’s most influential design groups today.

Weight Here is a Spring 2013 Novelty, and will be available for purchase in our store this spring.

Pots by Benjamin Hubert for Menu

(Reblogged from, original article by Emilie Chalcraft)


London designer Benjamin Hubert has created a range of terracotta pots with rubber lids for Danish homeware brand Menu.


The collection, called Pots, was created by Benjamin Hubert and Menu using the contrast between traditional terracotta and industrially produced rubber lids.


Each pot has a natural exterior and a glazed interior, while the lids are injection-moulded silicone.


The collection comprises a tall and top-heavy pot for spaghetti, a container with a wide spout for dispensing pasta or grain, a small pot with a long neck for controlled pouring, and a wide cookie jar that rotates on its angled base for easy sharing.


Last year published a rustic restaurant interior in Copenhagen by Menu in collaboration with Norm Architects.

Pots06 has featured lots of products by Hubert, including a ceramic lamp, also launching at Maison & Objet, and a lighting collection made of underwear fabric – see all designs by Benjamin Hubert.


Other designs from Maison & Object has reported on this year include a speaker shaped like a volume icon on a computer and whimsical wallpapers by Fornasetti – see all products from Maison & Objet 2013.


Here’s some more information from the designers:

Pots by Benjamin Hubert X Menu

Pots is a series of storage jars launching from Menu in Spring 2013. The project is a result of a close collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and Danish brand Menu. The storage jars stem from the studio’s “materials driven, process led” industrial design approach, researching the typologies and language associated with ancient and contemporary methods of keeping products cool and dry utilising terracotta.


Pots feature an exterior of natural, raw terracotta contrasting with the gloss glazed interior and soft rubber lids, providing a multitude of experiences for your senses. The collection represents an uncompromising contrast between the ancient traditions found in terracotta and the industrial modernity embedded in the mass-produced rubber lids.


Pots provide an earthen landscape of sculptural but functional objects for your kitchen table, desk or windowsill. The series consists of four vessels, each holding a specific function – or ingredient – of your choice:


1. A tall djembe-like sculpture with a distinct waistline, whichgris holds your spaghetti or grissini so you can easily grasp it without lifting the pot.
2. A container with a wide pouring area making it easy for you to control the dispensing of pastas and grains.
3. A small pouring device with a long neck allowing for controlled dispensing of seeds, grains and sugar.
4. A stout cookie jar that can be twisted and turned to encourage sharing. This contains biscuits, tea bags, bonbons etc.


Menu’s New Catalogs, Q4 2012

Below you will find the 2012 Late-year Catalogs from Menu. Simply click on the catalog you like to download the .pdf for it.

The new Blade series of Wine Tools is particularly exciting, as is the tranquil yet aesthetic new Norm Bath series.

Menu Catalogs Q4 2012

Menu Wine Accessory Catalog Autumn 2012 Menu Cool Christmas B2B Fall 2012 Menu Designers Cut Catalog Fall 2012 Menu Bath Catalog Fall 2012