Brilliant New Sofa Arriving Soon!

We are very excited to announce our new Godot Sofa by Isko-Berlin coming out this September! Godot is a comfortable and inviting sofa series comprising of the 2 and 3 seater, as well as an armchair. The inner “spaces” of the sofa are designed in sizes allowing for a comfortable seating position without limiting the freedom to move around and stretch your legs.


Menu at Ouur_04

Iskos – Berlin Design is a partnership between Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. The firm operates within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design. This enterprise was only established in late 2010, but Boris and Aleksej had worked together for a number of years prior to setting up shop together. In 1987, Boris co-founded Komplot Design, where Aleksej was employed as an assistant for more than 11 years. This long and fruitful cooperation engendered a shared design philosophy.



The exterior vertical and rectangular surfaces allow for easy and natural placement of couches along with and close to walls as well as positioned centrally in the room; and, likewise, the feasibility of placing the furniture side by side as well as back to back. This feature makes Godot very usable in private as well as in public spaces.

Menu at Ouur_03.jpg

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The Perfect 4th of July Product Guide

For Outdoors


String Lounge Chair by Studio


String Dining Chair by Studio WM

Guided by all senses, Studio WM designers have a mission to create seemingly simple designs that reflect the love and details that is put into them for years to come. Their Wire design is available as a Dining chair and a low Lounge Chair. They both have the same light and airy appearance and the thin structure of the wire frame gives them a delicate feel, while also providing a fine contrast to any cushion you put on the dining chair – or the blankets, pillows and soft items you lay in the lounge version.

Fire Hurrecain_Location_05fire hurricane loc1

Fire Hurricane by Norm Architects

Fire Hurricane has a special luster glass that beautifully reflects the surroundings when the candle is not lit. When the candle is lit, the reflections dissolve and light breaks through the luster. This makes the Hurricane a decorative element both when used, and not.

For the Kitchen


New Norm Flatware by Norm Architects

The cutlery is designed to work with all kinds of meals and will suit everything from appetizers and entrées to desserts, lunches and midnight snacks.

Bottle Grinder In Use 02

Bottle Grinder by Norm Architects

The unique, inverted design ensures that salt, pepper, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, walnuts – or whatever you fill them with – only sprinkle out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table or in the kitchen. The Grinders have a bottle like shape, which is also important to the whole experience.

Tilt Cutting Board Location 01

Tilt Cutting Board by Tobias Tostesen

Tilt Cutting Board is designed with a special angle on its sides in order for it to lean steadily against your kitchen wall. A clever detail that spares you the agony of cuts in the table top and loud slams of cutting boards hitting the table, while also adding a beautiful new dimension to the overall shape of the board – simple and straight lines broken by the soft iconic corners and perfectly angled sides.

Norm Dinnerware 03

New Norm Dinner Plate by Norm Architects

Norm Architects initially designed this special series of dinnerware as a profound admiration of one of Denmark’s most prominent painters, Vilhelm Hammershoi, and the unique feel of the crisp and pristine Nordic winds, which served as the main inspiration for the color scheme.

Water and Wine

4661049 Multi Carafe, 34 oz 05

Multi Carafe by Jakob Munk

The decanter is versatile, and can be used for both wine and water. This is large enough to use for wine aeration, and the slanted funnel-formed opening makes it easy to pour from wine bottle to the decanter.

4680089 Cool Breather Carafe, 34 oz Location

Coolbreather Carafe by Norm Architects

The beautiful and stylish bottle-shaped Cool Breather is designed to integrate the actual aeration of the white wine as part of the sensation of enjoying refreshed and well-tasting white wine. Place the wine bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Turn the bottle and carafe over to experience the bubbling sound of the white wine aerating through the neck and down the carafe. The integrated aeration is one of the most effective designs on the market today, handily beating other aerators in a Eurofins aeration test.

4682059_Champagne Sabre_Karim Rashid_04

Champagne Sabre by Karim Rashid

The Champagne Sabre is designed for opening champagne bottles swiftly and extravagantly. Aim towards where the vertical seam of the bottle meets the top lip of the bottle, and strike away from the base. The normal pressure inside the bottle automatically ensures that no glass shards contaminate the champagne.

4655539 Baggy Winecoat, Black 02

Baggy Winecoat by Jakob Wagner

The Menu Baggy Winecoat gives the popular wine bags a casual but stylish look. Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Winecoat and close the flexible top. There is room for an ice pack too, if you prefer to have your wine chilled. A rubber bottom makes sure the Baggy Winecoat does not tip over – neither on the dinner table, nor on the lawn. If you want to take your wine with you, just grab the handle and go! A handy and aesthetic solution for all bag-in-box wines!


Water Bottle with Brass Lid by Norm Architects

It takes water to truly enjoy wine; preferably served in a carafe that looks good on the dining table, does not drip, and from which it’s easy to pour. The Water Bottle perfect size will easily fit into the fridge door; and thus you’ll always have nicely cooled water ready for serving. The glass being mouth blown is proof of fine quality.

You Can’t Call Yourself a Wine Lover Without These!

Summer is here and it’s time to bring the bottles out! These simplistic wine accessories make perfect gifts and also give the perfect amount of elegance to your afternoon glass.

4683039 Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe, 52 oz 01

Wine Breather_Location_04

Wine Breather, Deluxe by Norm Architects

Open a bottle of wine, place Wine Breather Deluxe over the bottleneck
and flip it all upside down – the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.


4620539 Blade Waiter's Corkscrew 01

4620539 Blade Waiter's Corkscrew 04

Blade Waiter’s Corkscrew by DesignWright

Wine Thermometer

4657049 Wine Thermometer, Fahrenheit 02

4657049 Wine Thermometer, Fahrenheit 04

Wine Thermometer by Jakob Wagner (DK)

Decanting Pourer

4653239 Vintage Decanting Pourer 01

Decanting Pourer, Vintage by Jakob Wagner

4653139 Premium Decanting Pourer 02

Decanting Pourer, Premium by Martin Sonne (DK)

4653239 Vintage Decanting Pourer 02

Decanting Pourer, Vintage by Martin Sonne (DK)

Vacuum Stopper

4656239 Vintage Vacuum Stopper 01

Vacuum Stopper, Vintage by Jacob Wagner (DK)

4656439 Selection Vacuum Stopper 03

Vacuum Stopper, Selection by Jakob Wagner (DK)

Champagne Sabre

4682059 Champagne Sabre 02

Champagne Sabre by Karim Rashid


Byoh Matcha Bar Takes Green Tea to the Next Level

The hallmark of Matcha tea is the method of cultivation where tea fields are covered for the last weeks before the harvest. A cloth reduces the amount of sunlight and forces plants to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids in order grow, giving Matcha tea a unique composition. Denmark’s first Matcha bar, Byoh, just opened up in Copenhagen, and Menu was pegged for furnishing the cafe. We are proud to show off some of our newest products in Byoh.


Menu Stick System by Jan and Henry


Dining Chair by Afteroom. Cafe Table by Afteroom


Hanging Vessel by Wrk-shp. Counter Stool by Afteroom.


Cylindrical Storage by Alexa Lixfeld. Lid Plate by Norm Architects. New Norm Bowl by Norm Architects.


Pepe Marble Mirror by STUDIOPEPE. Cube Candleholder by Erik Olovsson. Concrete Vase by Hanne. Watering Can by Anderssen & Voll.


Wire Pot by Norm Architects. Wire Base by Norm Architects.

Must Haves for your Bedroom!

We’ve gathered a few items to make your life much more simple.

The minimalist design of these products will add the perfect amount of elegance to your bedroom!



Metal Wall Clock by Norm Architects (DK)

The Metal Wall Clock is a celebration of materiality, color, and simplicity. Reducing the clock to its most essential elements, the designers are focused on the simple hands and the round clock face. The clock is available in 2 material combinations – a mirror-polished steel version and a brushed-brass version. The smooth finish makes the clock unobtrusive an enduring and timeless addition to a home. It can also be used in living rooms or offices as well as in dining rooms or kitchens.

MODERNISM-REIMAGINED-15Tumbler Alarm Clock by Norm Architects (DK)

When the alarm goes off, waking you – you simply take the clock and turn it upside down to stop the alarm. It is a fabulously decorative piece and, therefore, it is equally useful on your office desk, next to the bed, or even in the kitchen. You will not find a more elegant alarm clock. With its rounded bottom and no-tilt design, the Norm Tumbler alarm clock is decorative, practical and fun to interact with.


jwda concrete lamp loc1JWDA Concrete Lamp by Jonas Wagell (SE)

Classic with the right amount of twist—the design blends the delicate and the raw into a beautiful little table lamp that provides a soft and cosy light. The G9 frosted bulb, adjustable by the flick of a hand, allows you to decide the type of ambience you prefer in your bedroom. The JWDA Concrete Lamp looks great in any room; and it can also be used on a side table, by the window or on the office desk. This is, indeed, tremendously eye-catching, yet truly simple design at its best.

Menu_Salone del Mobile 2016_14Conic Table Lamp by Thomas Bentzen (DK)

Practical, yet friendly and playful… Through an exploration of geometry and asymmetry, this Conic lamp sports a cone-shaped shade in painted metal, cocked at a pleasingly jaunty angle. The touch sensitive top of the lamp moves through three different brightness levels.


Rain_Location_05Rain Blanket by Signe Hytte & Kristina Kjær (DK)

Rain_Location_02Rain Cushion by Signe Hytte & Kristina Kjær (DK)

The Rain Blanket and Cushion are used for relaxed cozy moments while the colors and patterns serve as decorative eye-catchers. Because of the great wool material, the pattern and neutral colors, ‘Rain’ will fit in many different contexts and has the potential to become a life-long companion. The designers Signe Hytte & Kristina Kjær elaborate, “We are fascinated by – and take great pride in – using the old craft traditions in new ways. Knitwear is typically seen in the fashion industry so we thought it would be interesting to take the same quality and history, and use it for a series of blankets and pillows.”

ALL_Teddy_Afteroom_NepalTeddy by Afteroom (SE)

The Teddy is the mascot for our entire Nepal Project, bringing sustainable employment to vulnerable Nepali women. This soft wool Teddy can not only be a perfect decoration for the bedroom, but can also be used as a beloved toy.

NEPAL-PROJECTS-11Cotton bag by Norm Architects (DK)

This laundry basket, also part of the Nepal Project, can be used as a flexible hamper for smart storage and swift transportation. It’s minimal design is perfect for the bedroom!



jewelry box loc5

Jewelry Box by Theresa Arns (DE)

This jewelry box has a sleek design which creates a simple and geometric expression and a very sculptural character, whether it is open or closed. This is perfect to store all your small, precious and personal items such as your jewelry or tiny office items. You can sort your stuff the way you like it in the small partitions of the box and use the built-in mirror when you’re putting on your makeup or jewelry—or if you just want to check your hair during the day.

Norm Collector_Location_2015_02Norm Collector by Norm Architects (DK)

This beautifully crafted norm collector is made of powder coated steel and has four arms for necklaces, bracelets or earrings, a tray base to hold rings, ear studs or brooches and a small platform on top where you can display your favorite of the week.

3800039 Jewelry Tree, Small 01Jewelry Tree by Louise Christ (DK)

Finger rings, bracelets, chains and earrings – all find their place on the jewelry tree which is just as beautiful and sculptural as it is fascinatingly simple. In daily use it is not only decorative, but provides you with a good overview of what you can choose among. Louise Christ, the designer, has used mirror-finished aluminium which both tolerates use and has the necessary weight to carry your jewelry without tipping over.


Pepe Marble Mirror_Location_2015_03Pepe Marble Mirror by STUDIOPEPE (ITA)

Not only is this marble mirror beautifully crafted, but it’s also solid, durable and meant to last. Year after year after year. The classic design and clean aesthetics, inspired by the style in late 50’s Italy, give the mirror a great iconic value. An object to be used and enjoyed everyday –maybe even passed on to future generations. STUDIOPEPE want their designs to be durable enough to last. Like, really last.

7800589 norm floor mirror loc1Norm Mirror by Norm Architects (DK)

The Norm mirror is a beautiful piece of design with simple aesthetics, powerful looks and fine details. This is designed to lean against the wall—or to go, stand or hang wherever you find best. Norm Architects found the simplest possible solution and cut to the bone without forgetting the beauty of the shape or the details—all in order to reach a point where nothing added or subtracted will make the product better.